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I help small businesses grow.



Natalie Rihmland, MBA

I want to help your small business grow. I started Sapphire Studios with a dream to make a successful business accessible to anyone, no matter how small. 

I have always had a strong passion for entrepreneurship– I started my first business when I was 17, selling homemade cupcakes out of my mom's kitchen. Since then, I have been a part of 2 startups in addition to Sapphire Studios.

I’m a no-BS creator with a passion for entrepreneurship. I am cross-trained in a variety of functions ranging from graphic design to analytics. I can do anything your business needs to grow – all at a price that won’t break the bank.


Creativity is in my blood. I'm constantly firing on all cylinders thinking of new ways to create, market, and sell.


How I Can Help Your business grow

Small Business Marketing & Creative Agency Based in Pittsburgh, PA

Sapphire Studios was created in early 2021 with a vision to support and market small businesses across the country. There is a notable difference between small businesses who can afford marketing services and those who can't. Those who can have excellent branding, social media, and high-ranking websites. Those who can't are left to fend for themselves. Many agencies will not accept small projects because it doesn't pay the bills. Their significant overhead costs such as renting space, providing office snacks, hiring receptionists, and more add up quickly. It's no wonder that they will accept nothing less than a-few-thousand-dollars-a-month retainers.

I'm here to break down that barrier and give all small businesses access to the resources they need to thrive and grow. By implementing lean operations, I'm able to lower my monthly costs, ultimately enabling me flexibility with my pricing. No project is too small at Sapphire Studios. I am able to work within a wide range of budgets to give you the 'best bang for your buck'. I invest a significant amount of time to getting to know my clients and their businesses so that they can succeed. Every small business is unique and needs branding and marketing strategies that align with their visions and goals. Whether you need branding, a new website, search engine optimization, or overall business consulting, you've come to the right place.

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