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3 Tips for Instagram Promotions

As a general rule of thumb, most businesses should be on Instagram regardless of industry. This platform is great for sharing image-based content that serves to either educate your audience or inspire them to take action.

There are 3 “actions” that you can aim for your audience to take – profile visits, direct messages, or website visits. Picking the right goal for a promotion is just as important as the content itself. Knowing your goal ahead of time is key to excelling at a promotion. For example, if you want more website visits, your landing page must be mobile-friendly, as Instagram is a mobile-first application. It also needs to have clear call to actions (CTA’s) and must capture the user’s attention immediately. If these criteria are not met, it is likely that they will exit your website/landing page in the first 20 seconds, thus defeating the purpose of your promotion.

It is important to remember that great performance on a promotion does not directly equal more clients/money/etc. If your messaging is not clear, users are likely to abandon their search. Make your money work for you! It is more beneficial to target a smaller number of hot leads than a large number of random accounts that will most likely not convert. When defining your audience for a promotion, it may be a good idea to create your own instead of using Instagram’s automatic targeting.

Remember that there is truth in numbers! If one of your posts has performed well, it is likely that it will also perform well with new accounts that will be targeted in your promotion. There may be temptation to promote posts that didn’t do so well in order to increase likes and comments, but doing so will likely not capture attention. Your most popular posts are popular for a reason, even if you don’t understand it. Highlighting these performers will likely get you closer to reaching your goal.

I hope these tips help your business grow on Instagram!

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