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Starting Sapphire Studios

I had been unhappy at my job for a while and the discontentment became so loud that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was getting a nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do and I would continue to be unhappy if I didn’t take action. In mid-February, I started seeing signs that it was time for me to launch Sapphire Studios. The thought of losing my stable income was VERY scary. I sat on this idea for a couple weeks, weighing the pros and cons.

Out of nowhere, I was sent a podcast episode that would change my life. The Bare Naked Soul Podcast is all about entrepreneurship and trusting yourself to do the things that scare you. In another episode, the host discussed the opportunity cost of staying at a job that makes you miserable instead of taking a leap of faith. In this moment, I realized that the pros of launching Sapphire Studios far outweighed the cons. It was time.

I have been getting everything set up for a couple weeks now. Even though I’m not 100% where I want to be with my website and social media, I am officially launching today. I think it’s important to take this sort of leap. If I wanted to wait until I was completely ready to launch, I don’t think I would ever actually get there. Analysis Paralysis is real and if I never take the jump, I’ll spend my days editing my website to my breaking point. With that being said, it’s a work in progress, but Sapphire Studios Creative Consulting is officially open for business!

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